18. November 2020
Zanzibar is one of the few places in the world at the moment which is an easy travel destination. The island is welcoming tourists from all around the world and the tourists are coming. More and more people are trying to escape for tropical vacations, even long term stays are preferred by some digital nomads and people who can relocate their home offices to the beach. For divers this is an excellent chance to do some diving around Zanzibar and for those not yet certified this is the perfect...

07. September 2020
Zanzibar is open to tourists and our dive center is also reopening on the 1st of October.

29. January 2020
The South region of Zanzibar has a growing number of intersting programs to offer in between your diving days. One of these is the Seaweed center located in the village of Paje, about 25 minutes from Kizimkazi.

23. January 2020
It was busier than usual close to our dive center at the Kizimkazi fish market this morning. Unfortunately we won't be seeing these guys underwater while diving anymore, but it is always interesting to see such an event in Zanzibar.

22. January 2020
Visit the peaceful South area of the island of Zanzibar and there you will find the beautiful, small fishing village of Kizimkazi. Come diving with DiveTime Zanzibar during the day and watch the sunset in the evening. Enjoy being close to nature and the local authenticity.

19. December 2019
Leave the cold behind and jump into the warm tropical waters of Indian Ocean. Rich in underwaterlife, healthy corals below the surface, sunshine and white sandy beaches above. Book your flight and check out Zanzibar now! Book your dives with us and experience diving in the South of Zanizibar.

18. November 2019
Have a look at what we see while diving in the Menai Bay in the South of Zanzibar. Healthy corals with an abundant underwater life. Come and see for yourself. Boat dives available every day heading out from Kizimkazi.

23. September 2019
SSI crossover for our new instructor. Diving in South Zanzibar.