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Menai Bay is not among the mainstream diving locations in the world. It is located on the South Western tip of the Island of Unguja, Zanzibar. This is a large area of volcanic islands, sand banks and coral reefs. In the shallow seas sorrounding these islands, there is a large variety of corals and some of the most beautiful  tropical fish and marine life can be found in these waters. Seasonally Humpback Whales pass through the conservation area for about 3 months. Menai Bay is also the home of humback and Bottlenose Dolphins. Giant clams are also abundant in the region. 

Anemona city merülőhely

Anemona City

It’s only a 10 minute boat ride from Kizimkazi. The boat anchors near a plateau about 4-5 meters deep. Swimming over the plateau we can already see many corals, small and large with abundant underwater life. We soon reach a slope where we go from 7 meters to the maximum of 15-17 meters. Swimming along the slope we can see beautiful coral gardens, huge blocks of anemone and clownfish. We can also see puffer fish, box fish, emperor fish, nudibranches, surgeon fish, trumpet fish.  The current is usually low here, with a visibility of 20 meters, suitable for beginners and up.  

Kizidi reef merülőhely

Kizidi Reef

About 10 minutes from Kizimkazi, Kizidi reef is a several 100 meter long underwater reef. There are several dive spots along this reef. The walls are covered by colourful corals as well as the bottom 10 meters deep. We can see puffer fish, box fish, emperor fish, nudibranches, surgeon fish, trumpet fish and moray. This site is great for beginner level divers and up. The current is low, 20 meters visibility.

Dolphin wall merülőhely

One palm

20-25 minutes boat ride from Kizimkazi, this site is located on the South-East part of the island. The boat anchors near a plateau where the ocean is 6-8 meters deep from where we swim down a steep slope with colourful corals, maximum depth 16-25 meters. Beside the already mentioned fish, here we can also encounter larger fish like barracudas and reef shark. True to its name, here or along the boat ride, we can see almost always see bottlenose dolphins. The current is low to medium with a visibility of 25-30 meters. Suitable for Beginner-medium level and up.

Octopus reef merülőhely

Octopus Reef

This underwater reef is a 15 minute boat ride from Kizimkazi. The top of the reef is at 12-15 meters and got its name from the octopus who live in the area, hiding in the corals. The reef is a steep wall which finishes at 35-40 meters. Swimming alongside the colourful wall beside the before mentioned smaller animals, we can see blue spotted rays, barracudas and sometimes dolphins. There is a medium current, the water is always in movement, it is an ideal  for drift diving. The visibility is 25-30 meters. Suitable for advanced divers.

Safe diving

To ensure the safety of our divers we are equipped with everything that is needed for prevention and care.

  • Emergency oxygen kit
  • Marine rescue GPS devices
  • First aid kit
  • Life jackets
  • Our instructors are trained in Emergency First Response and First Aid.

 The hyperbaric chamber is located on the North-East of Zanzibar, 1 hour drive from our dive center.