Zanzibar Sightseeing

Zanzibar has a lot to offer not only below, but above the water as well. We have some exotic tours to spend your time in between dives. 

Jozani esőerdő Zanzibár

Jozani Rainforest

A jungle tour in Zanzibar's larges rainforest. Here you can see herbs and other plants that the local people still use today from the forest. You will be able to see the Res Colobus monkeys, a protected species, that only lives in this forest, nowhere else in the world. The monkeys living in the wild are not hard to spot, they come close and can be easily photographed. Then we move on to the mangrove forest.

Stone town Zanzibár

Stone town

This is the oldest part of Zanzibar City, which has become part of the World Heritage. Take a walk down the winding alleys to walk to the Freddy Mercury house, where the legend once lived. Then visit the fish market and the exotic fruit, vegetable markets. There is also opportunity to visit the Palace museum, the old slave market and to do a little shopping.

Delfinles Zanzibár Kizimkazi

Dolphin tour

The boat leaves from the south part of the island, from Kizimkazi. After the short boat ride the dolphind will appear and it is possible to go into the water with snorkeling equipment and swim around with these wonderful creatures. These are dolphins living in the wild, they can not be fed. This tour starts early in the morning. 

Börtön sziget Zanzibár

Prison Island

The small island can be found right opposite of Stone Town, about a half hour boat ride from there. It received its name from the 100 year old prison that was built there and can be visited today. Very friendly giant tortoises (Albadra Tortoise) live here in a large park with a few peacocks and dik diks. 

Fűszertúra Zanzibár

Spice Tour

This is a truly interesting tour that will introduce you to the wide variety of spices that are grown on Zanzibar. You will take a stroll on a large spice farm and be introduced to the exotic friut and spice trees and bushes. At the end you can taste all the seasonal fruits of the farm. 

Szigettúra Zanzibár

Island Tour

this tour will take you by bus aroun the whole island in one day. On your way you will see the giant turtle reservation, see the art of boat building and walk through an old slave cave. You will visit the tropical butterfly center, reptile center, a several hundred year old Persian bath and a seaweed center. For lunch we will stop at a local village and enjoy the hospitality of a local family.