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Travel advice


There is currently no official vaccination for travelers to Zanzibar. You must be vaccinated against yellow fever if you come from a country infected with yellow fever. It is advisable to visit a doctor before visiting Tanzania and Zanzibar, and ask for their advice.


Visas can be purchased at Zanzibar Airport upon arrival. Tourist visas are priced at 50 USD (single entry, valid for 3 months). You can also pay by card and cash.

You can also purchase your visa online, before your trip here:

There is no exit fee when leaving the country.

Drinking water

It is not recommended for tourists to consume tap water on the island, bottled water is available everywhere at an affordable price.

Mobile phone and internet

You can get a local SIM card cheaply and upload an internet package to it. There are daily, weekly and monthly packages available with all providers.

You may want to bring a separate cell phone for this purpose, or a dual SIM phone. 


Bring an adapter with you for your phone charger, camera and other electrical appliances. Zanzibar (Tanzania) has an English type socket, so an English converter will be needed.


June to the end of October: good weather, little rain, 29°C air, 25-27°C ocean temperature, slightly stronger winds.
November: light rainy season.
December to late March: Good weather, hardly any rain, 32°C air, 28-30°C ocean temperature, weaker winds.
April to the end of May: Rainy season.


It is worth bringing USD, which can be exchanged for the local TSH (Tanzanian Shilling). The dollar is usually exchanged at a good rate everywhere. 

On arrival you can change money at the airport, there are official bank stations located in the airport parking lot.
$ 100 banknotes older than 2006 are not accepted everywhere on the island, to avoid problems, best to bring newer bills.

Bank ATMs

There are only a few ATMs on the island but they are not always in service and the cash they store is also limited. It is a good idea to have sufficient amount of cash with you. 

Car and scooter rental

Car rental prices: minimum 30-50 USD / day.
Scooter: minimum 15 USD / day.
In order to drive in Zanzibar, you need to redeem a local temporary driving license for a relatively small fee. To do this, you must bring your original drivers license card with you. 
Hotels and rentals can help you get a temporary permit.


Mosquitoes are being eradicated on the island, but there are still quite a few of them. In the hotels, the rooms or beds are equipped with mosquito nets and some use mosquito repellent in the evening. It may be a good idea to take a mosquito repellent body spray with you.

Portable charger

Power outages occur quite frequently on the island. The network was built decades ago, and it is difficult for it to cope with the increasing use. Most hotels are prepared for this and switch to a generator. However, you may also want to carry a power bank, which can be a solution for temporary charging difficulties.

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